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Finding the Right Gun for You

West End Gun & Pawn is a locally owned and operated gun store in Williamstown, WV. We carry everything from guns to gun accessories. Guns are used for a variety of reasons. Hunting, safety, and competitive shooting are normal reasons to have a gun in West Virginia and surrounding areas. When you come into West End Gun & Pawn, we will help you decide on the right gun for your needs. Whether a rifle for hunting or a pistol for protection, we have new and used guns available in our Williamstown, WV, shop. For more information on what we carry and what you should carry, contact us at (304) 392-6235 or contact us online.


Full Lines of Rifles, Pistols, Ammunition & More

West End Gun & Pawn carries full lines of guns, rifles, pistols, ammunition, and gun accessories. We buy, sell, and trade all types of guns. If you are looking for a new gun, we are sure we have it in stock, whether it be new or used. If we do not have what you are looking for, we know where to get it.

We buy, sell, and trade multiple well-known brands of guns, including but not limited to:

Professionals Who Understand How to Use Guns

Guns are not something to play with, and we know that. We are professionals who understand guns, how they work, and their dangers. We make sure that you and those we sell to have the proper documentation and training. From there, West End Gun & Pawn can help you decide on the right gun for hunting, target shooting, protection, or other uses. For questions about what documents you need to get a gun and how we can help you choose which one is right for you, contact West End Gun & Pawn today!

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